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Best Painters providing exquisite painting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all over UAE. No #1 Painter in Dubai 24/7 - Apartment, Villa Painting at the most affordable rates.

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Interior Painting

Paint iT offers the best painting services in Dubai & knows that you'd love to glorify your house if you could do it yourself. But you are here to hire an expert painter in Dubai that can take your ideas to the next level. 

painting services in Dubai

Exterior Painting

Our painters remove dirt and dust buildup from house exterior using a pressure washer then Repair Damaged Surfaces and Remove Loose Paint Using latest equipment and then paint it to perfection. Paint iT is best painting services in Dubai.

painting services in Dubai


We are your one-stop shop for flooring and tile fixing company in Dubai, whether you are looking for commercial or residential work, new construction or remodel, tile removal or building from the ground up.

Best painting services in Dubai

About 10 years ago, Paint iT was started by a small group of people containing a couple of best painter in Dubai. We have worked very hard to gain the status of #1 painting services in Dubai. People who have acquired our services in the past are our main source of advertisement. We offer Studio painting, villa painting, 1 bedroom/ 2 bedrooms/ 3 bedrooms/ 4 bedrooms and even corporate building painting services. Call Us 24/7 for professional yet cheap painting services in Dubai. Paint iT have been providing expert painters and painting services in UAE for our customers in several communities. We have all the trained painters with latest painting techniques who create your wall look amazing. Customers require our painting services after they move out/move in a house after talking services of some movers and packers in abu dhabi or purchase new properties. Our wall services are acquired for the houses, Villas, studio, apartment, offices and different places. When you choose an expert painting services in Dubai like Paint it painter Services, you’re actually choosing one of the reliable painter in Dubai to refresh the outlook of your place. Furthermore, why must you hire professional and expert painters in Dubai for you home, villa, studio, office or apartment even though you think you can do the work yourself?

Why Paint iT Painting Services

Paint iT the only Painting Company in Dubai UAE which is providing all the range of Painting Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other major Emirates of UAE. Our company offer the following exclusive painting services in the UAE. Paint iT Painting Services in Dubai can jazz up the walls in every room of your Home, Office and Studio, and make them look awesome. Our years of experience in providing skilled painting services in Dubai makes us the perfect choice for you while choosing a painting service provider in Dubai -UAE.

Villa Painting Services Dubai

Paint iT being the best painting company in Dubai offers the least villa painting cost in Dubai along with the most professional wall painting services. The company has been providing best painter for villa painting services in Dubai marina since 2009. Our wall painters in Dubai has extensive experience of finishing up all aspects of internal and external walls for residential and commercial customers. Professional painting services in Dubai like Paint iT provides the best painter in Dubai to repaint or renovate your precious Villa. Our people are master of their art and can make you fall in love with the walls of your house. Paint iT  provides premiere Interior and Exterior painting services to diverse needs and requirements of Villa Owners in the UAE. We offer a complete Villa painting services in Dubai and  we are one of the best coating contractor in Dubai. Devoted to deliver best painting experience, quality services and innovative wall painting that far exceed our customer’s expectations, Paint iT has all the tools required to make your villa look like a grand palace for you.
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Cheapest painting contractors Dubai

We provide least cost of painting apartment in Dubai with professional painters. Paint it provides move out painting at reasonable price to decrease your relocation expenses. In general, it will be very difficult for you to guess the cost of painting the walls, doors and roofs of your place. If you will have any doubts, Our professional painter in Dubai will ease you with free of cost estimation survey at your location. You can always contact “Paint iT Painting Services” to have an idea about the painting cost for your Villa, Studio, Apartment or Office etc. Our expert painters will tell you about how many paint gallons and primers you will need.Are you in search of a cheapest painting service provider in Dubai? Then Paint iT can be your ideal choice with the highly skilled painters at the low rates.

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Wall Painting Service in Dubai

Our Company is providing professional home painting services in Abu Dhabi as well along-with the other Emirates. Our unique painting work in Dubai has turned our clients into our marketers. Paint iT hired the best painter in Dubai for professional studio/Villa home & office painting services. We are the only wall painting company in Dubai who offers one month money back guarantee for our wall painting services.

Painting Services in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an affluent residential neighborhood known for The Beach at JBR, a leisure complex with al fresco dining and sandy stretches to relax on. People often move in & out from this area. Paint iT bears a major share in providing its painting services in Dubai marina. We offer villa & studio painting services at the most affordable rates.

painting services in Dubai

ABOUT US: The best

Painter in Dubai

With over 10 years’ experience serving house owners and business owners throughout UAE, we are striving for delivering top quality painting results and focusing on providing the best customer service. We have gained the status of best painting services in Dubai.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. From selecting the best color in the initial consultation to delivering results on time, we keep your opinion prior than anything.

Our Latest Projects of

Painting Services in UAE

Bedroom & Family Room

Bedroom & Family Room

The best Painting services in Dubai for painting your Bedroom walls in the way you want. We have got plenty of templates…

Living Room & Kitchen

Living Room & Kitchen

PAINT iT make the walls of your Living room and kitchen fabulous as we have got best painter in Dubai…

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Get the Painting services of master painters to do the painting of Master Bedroom as it’s a special room for you…

Historic House Paint

Historic House Paint

Traditions never die and we can help you revive them with our special painters apt in painting the historic houses…

Children Room Paint

Children Room Paint

PAINT iT is the leading painting service provider also offer unique painting services for your children rooms…

Brand New Home

Brand New Home

Make your brand new house a dream house by Hiring the most professional painting services of PAINT iT painter in Dubai UAE…

Client Reviews About Our Painting Services

How our Painting Company Works

painting services in Dubai

Paint Preparation

The Uniqueness in our painting services is the way our painter prepares the painting material to apply on the wall to create a masterpiece. The specific paint applying technique, use of paint brush or roller to innovate new shades and many more specialties differentiate us from the other painting companies.

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Professional Painting

We are confident that our work will leave you in awe because our professional painting teams are constantly inspecting their own work. Our team of painters will show up on time and provide you with elite quality services. We are absolutely sure that wall painting service will persuade you to become our referring customer. We offer painting services for studio, house, villa, office and corporate buildings.

Villa Painting Services Dubai

Doors/Windows Painting

After wall painting, mostly painter leaves Doors and windows of the house dirty with paint spots. Our exquisite team of painters not only paint your walls neatly but also refresh the outlook of windows & doors of your house. We can renovate them for free or can paint them on your choice.

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Paint Removal

With the help of our air pressure pumps and other specific tools we make sure the removal of old worn out paint layer from ceilings and walls before coating them with fresh paint layer. Also, we make it obvious to fill the groves and pits created with time due to wear and tear process on the interior and exterior walls.

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